To more than double the number of New Yorkers earning a college degree at CUNY between 2010 & 2020. Specifically, GNYC is looking at progress on five key indicators – the 2020 Goals:

  • Ensure more high school students graduate college-ready (42% –> 67%)
  • Increase the number of high school graduates who enroll immediately in college (73% –> 77%)
  • Increase the associate and baccalaureate degree persistence and completion rates:
    • Associate degree completion in three years (10% –> 25%)
    • Associate degree completion in four years (18% –> 40%)
    • Bachelor’s degree completion in six years (47% –> 61%)

Learn more about how GNYC achieves its mission:

GNYC works in support of the 2020 Goals by:

  • Supporting or enhancing the DOE’s efforts to increase rates of college readiness and college enrollment and support schools in building capacity.
  • Supporting or enhancing CUNY’s efforts to increase credit accumulation and degree completion, while decreasing time to degree and supporting colleges to build capacity and orient policies and practices toward student success.
  • Increasing capacity of organizations working in college access and success to improve student outcomes.
  • Leading efforts to increase awareness around progress made in five goal areas, where gaps exist, and how those are being addressed.
  • Piloting efforts to identify promising policies or practices to increase student success, while reducing barriers students face.
  • Convening groups to enhance the work that all parties do individually or in smaller coalitions in service of scaling excellent programs and practices across the city.

Graduate NYC envisions a future in which students of all racial and socioeconomic backgrounds are completing high school ready for college and enrolling in, persisting in, and completing associate and bachelor’s degrees in their preferred area of study at equal and significantly higher rates than they are currently.